Free Range - How many per Ha?

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Free Range - How many per Ha?

Post by Don Woods on Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:15 pm

Have just read The Land article about what constitutes free range which prompts me to ask the question.

Why argue for a large number per hectare?

My thinking says Why not the opposite?

How about 1,000/ha or one to every 10 square metres)?

Reasons :- Helps prevent erosion with the much lower density.

Cost per hen and cost per ha is increased dramatically.

Capital and maintenance costs go up with much larger areas requiring fencing and more sheds needed over the larger paddocks.

Labour to visit each shed for egg collection is increased.

More eggs laid out in the paddock, harder to locate and less likely to be collected.

Restricts egg production from producers on small holdings.

Having these added costs makes caged egg production more financially attractive. It is also more likely to lead to less production from the sector.

All the above are in favour of caged production which must surely be to the advantage of commercial producers or have I got it wrong?

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